Apple posts gorgeous new ‘how to get started as an iOS developer’ guide

Apple posts gorgeous new ‘how to get started as an iOS developer’ guide

If there is one aspect of Apple’s iDevice ecosystem that deserves a ton of credit for both growing and cementing its user base, it has to be the way developers flock to it. Apple wants developers on that line, Apple needs developers on that line.

That’s why it’s not surprising, but still pleasant, to see Apple making an effort to onboard new developers with a beautiful and simple new introductory document called “Start Developing iOS Apps Today“.

The document isn’t a private developer resource so you can visit it for yourself regardless of whether you’re in the program or not. It has sections that guide someone looking to begin making apps from starting, through set-up, tutorials, fundamentals, developing and guiding them to further resources.

The program touches on all of the basics of development for iOS, including the programming languages used, the design of an application and selling the app on the app store. It’s very simple, with only a few lines of text on each page succinctly, but links to more extensive documents on each subject are included in every section.

This is obviously intended for those who have never even dabbled in developing for iOS, and isn’t a tutorial about how to start, but more of a general overview of what’s involved. As it stands, it definitely works well as a jumping-off point for people who are thinking ‘how do I even begin?’.

If you’ve been wishing you could get a simple overview of the process of developing apps for iOS, there probably isn’t a better way to be guided through the basic steps involved. You can see the guide on Apple’s site here.

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