Apple hits Samsung with 278 patent claims in revised Australian lawsuit

Apple hits Samsung with 278 patent claims in revised Australian lawsuit

Apple has expanded the scope of its patent lawsuit against Korean electronics giant Samsung in Australia, widening its complaint to include 278 claims, across 22 patents that cover 10 new products.

The Australian reports that Apple widened its claims in New South Wales Federal Court today, with Samsung’s lead barrister confirming that Apple had “enormously” expanded its patent lawsuit, which originally consisted of just three patents of features that were included in the company’s Galaxy Tab 10.1.

According to barrister Neil Young, Samsung was only given days notice that Apple’s legal bid against the company had been amended to include over 200 claims against smartphones and tablets that haven’t even launched in the country. As a result Samsung said it would not be able to file a defence against the claim until mid-May.

In November, an Australian court overturned a ruling that had prevented Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 smartphone in the country, after Apple has successfully won an injunction against the device.

Following the decision, Samsung was able to resume sales of the device in Australia just in time for Christmas. Apple has immediately announced is intention to appeal to decision and the issue looks to be far from over despite Samsung enjoying a rare taste of success as the two smartphone giants continue to battle across the world.

Apple lost its bid to place a ban on the device again and complaints surrounding the device were thought to have been resolved.

Samsung is still trying to secure a ban on Apple’s iPhone 4S and fighting Apple over its 3G patents, requesting that the courts split the hearing into two parts in order to start the case later this month. Apple has opposed the proposal, stating that it would ensure the case would “become chaotic with witnesses being cross-examined while still preparing evidence for the second component of the case”.

The judge tasked with ruling on the patent complaints Justice Bennett has said that she is eager to settle both matters before the end of the year, in order to keep pace with the cases in other courts around the world. Both companies will deliver plans for hearing dates next week.

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