WWDC Alerts ensures that you know the minute Apple puts 2012 tickets on sale

WWDC Alerts ensures that you know the minute Apple puts 2012 tickets on sale

Last year, WWDC was announced on March 28th and sold out within 10 hours. This led to many who were stuck at work or out and about missing out on getting tickets for the highly attended conference.

Now, developers Anthony Herron and Aaron Wardle have created WWDC Alerts, a service that will text and call you the minute the tickets are on sale.

The service asks you to enter your phone number, with international code if necessary, and says that it will ping you the moment tickets are available. Once you do, you’ll be sent an SMS with a verification code that you enter on the site. You can also follow the WWDC Alerts Twitter account here.

The guys seem to be taking the privacy aspects seriously:

  • We won’t forward your details onto anybody, ever, ever Amen.
  • We will only contact you to let you know tickets are on sale.
  • We don’t even want to know your name.

Although Apple does announce the dates of the conference ahead of time, it does not announce the time that tickets will go on sale. In 2010, the event sold out in 7 days. In 2011, it was 1 day. Who knows how quickly they will go this year?

If you want to be sure to know when they’re going up, head over to the WWDC Alerts site here and sign up. That way you can be in the room, instead of watching the TNW liveblog!

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