Analyst: Apple could sell 30 million iPhones in December

Analyst: Apple could sell 30 million iPhones in December

Apple could sell 30 million iPhones in December according to estimates from analysts at investment bank UBS, who raised sales expectations by more than 7 percent, as Apple Insider reports.

The original estimate of 28 million has been upped due to increased demand and growing sales optimism amongst the mobile industry, as the hectic Christmas sales and rush period approaches. The response is also a reflection on carriers, like AT&T, who are seeing customers stick stay loyalty despite increasing competition following the introduction of more iPhone partners.

Despite increased expectancy around the iPhone, UBS is sticking to its initial prediction that the iPad will sell 12 million units during the final quarter of 2011. Analyst Maynard Um explained to Apple Insider that current economic conditions may see consumers choose “larger ticket items with more functionality”, such as a MacBook, over other products.  The consequences of such consumer behaviour could limit the sale of less expensive, ancillary devices such as the iPad.

Looking ahead to 2012, Apple is poised to strike two significant deals that will further strengthen its sales and presence worldwide. Discussions with China Mobile (638 million subscribers) and NTT DoCoMo in Japan (57.9 million subscribers) remain ongoing as it looks to widen the reach of the iPhone worldwide.

In contrast to the positivity around Apple, smartphone rival HTC, which uses Google’s Android platform, is struggling. The Taiwanese firm’s sales dropped by an alarming 30 percent in November, that’s despite record sales as recently as June this year.

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