Apple to wipe iTunes Match libraries again on November 12th, launch soon?

Apple to wipe iTunes Match libraries again on November 12th, launch soon?

There is no way to tell if the announcement of yet another wipe to Apple’s iTunes Match database heralds the imminent release of the new service or not. But regardless, Apple has informed users that it will happen tomorrow, November 12th, reports 9to5Mac.

A notice was sent out to users of Apple’s iTunes Match service, which at this point consists of only Apple Developers, informing them that their libraries would be deleted.

As we prepare for the launch of iTunes Match, we will be deleting all current iCloud libraries on Saturday, November 12th at 10 AM PST.

Please turn off iTunes Match on all of your computers and iOS devices. On your computer, choose Store > Turn off iTunes Match. On your iOS device, tap Settings > Music, then turn off iTunes Match. On your Apple TV, please choose Music > Turn off iTunes Match.
The songs on your computer should not be affected. As always, please backup regularly and do not delete the music you add to iCloud from your computer.
We’ve speculated as to why Apple has yet to release iTunes Match, but the likeliest reason is that it’s just not ready yet. The service has been remarkably buggy in beta, with almost no time where all aspects of it were functioning correctly during the testing period.
Apple had promised that iTunes Match would arrive in October, a target which it has obviously missed. We’ll see if this latest erasure heralds the final release of the music matching and cloud distribution service.

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