Apple sold 4.89M Macs in Q4, a huge jump of 26% since last year’s quarter

Apple sold 4.89M Macs in Q4, a huge jump of 26% since last year’s quarter

Apple today released its earnings for Q4 2011, posting up impressive numbers that still managed to miss bullish estimates on revenue and iPhone sales. But among those numbers was an interesting growth spurt.

The Mac, specifically, grew an immense amount, up 26% since the year-over-year quarter 2010. Apple sold 4.89 million Macs in Q4, as opposed to just 3.95M last quarter. Apple has repeatedly stated that Macs were selling strongly, despite the growth being relatively slow in past quarters. Jumping up over 25% in 1 year is impressive though.

Apple’s Mac sales have no doubt enjoyed the halo effect of the company selling so many iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Despite the fact that industry analysts have said that the iPad is cannibalizing sales of low-priced computers, the MacBook Air has been a massive hit for Apple and sells well alongside the iPad tablet.

Apple sold 17.1M iPhones, up 21% year over year, and 11.1M iPads this quarter, up 166% year over year. Apple’s revenue amounted to $28.27 B in Q4. With earnings of $7.05 per share.

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