Apple reportedly cleared to launch iTunes iCloud features in Europe

Apple reportedly cleared to launch iTunes iCloud features in Europe

As Apple’s iPhone event approaches, it looks like we’re getting an iPhone 4S instead of an iPhone 5 but there are plenty of other as-yet uncertain details. One of these is whether iTunes’ cloud-based features will be available outside the USA.

The Guardian reports today that its sources state that ‘iTunes in the Cloud’ has been cleared for launch in Europe, with the UK set to be the first country to see the feature that lets users redownload already purchased music as they require it, rather than having to carry all their music at all times.

However, the newspaper claims that it’s unlikely that the deals Apple has struck with European arms of the major record labels include the iTunes Match feature, which recognises all the music in your library, even if it wasn’t purchased from iTunes, and lets you download that on any Apple device. That is expected to follow at a later date.

Meanwhile, The Guardian’s report also claims that the iPod Classic – the long-standing close descendent of the original iPod – is to be killed off. While hardcore music fans appreciate its large storage capabilities, its physical hard disk and lack of Internet connectivity do make it something of a relic in 2011, especially when iTunes cloud features will be available.

There’s not long to wait until we find out how much of this is true. Stick with The Next Web and we’ll bring you all the latest Apple news as it breaks.

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