This is possibly the best Mac and web app bundle we’ve seen under $30

This is possibly the best Mac and web app bundle we’ve seen under $30

Application bundles may not be new but they are a tried and tested way of helping developers get their creations out to a greater number of users. Although they do exist on other platforms, many of the popular promotions (including MacHeist and others) will be targeted specifically at Mac users.

With the introduction of the Mac App Store, you may have thought that many of the Mac App bundles’ days were numbered, especially when users can purchase, download apps and be notified when they are updated.

However, we were tipped to one Mac app bundle that we just couldn’t ignore. Featuring some of the best apps already available on the Mac App Store and a range of fully-featured productivity web-apps for a one-time fee of $29.99, we had to notify you of its existence.

Known simply as the Productivity Bundle, this deal sees Fusion and Carbon Ads partner with some of the most popular web app providers to include long-term subscriptions to a range of services such as Evernote Pro and Strongspace.

For your money, you will receive  Evernote Pro, Strongspace, SparrowMail, Carousel, Alarms, Flow, Koku, Grasshopper, Nottingham and Inbox Assistant. With this you will get:

  • A three month subscription to Evernote Pro, which adds a raft of features to the free Evernote note-taking app.
  • A one year subscription with 15 GB of storage at Strongspace, which is a cloud backup service with revision and sharing features.
  • A copy of Sparrow Mail, the minimalist mail client for Mac OS X.
  • Carousel, an app for exploring and interacting with Instagram on the Mac.
  • Alarms, which does alarms on the Mac right and integrates with Tasks in iCal and Growl.
  • A one year subscription to Flow, the web-based task management app with collaboration features.
  • Koku, a personal finance app for the Mac that integrates with your bank accounts.
  • $100 credit with Grasshopper, the virtual phone system for entrepreneurs.
  • Nottingham, an elegant notepad for Mac OS X.
  • And last but not least, Inbox Assistant, which extracts meetings, tasks and other important things from your emails and adds them to your schedule automatically.

You would be hard pushed to find a better collection of apps for such a low price – it’s just a shame many of us at The Next Web already own a good number of these apps.

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