Apple website gets a revamp, new iPad shopping wizard

Apple website gets a revamp, new iPad shopping wizard

With the Apple Store going down over the past few hours , Apple has brought its website back online with a new and improved interfaces on its product pages, specifically adapting the iPad ordering process to make it easier to choose the model that is right for you.

Now, when a customer visits the iPad page on the Apple Store, they will be presented with options to choose the color, then the model, which will result in users being able to choose a mobile operator for their device should they wish to purchase a 3G-capable iPad.

Upon selecting the model and operator, the store will place the device into a “Summary” box on the right hand side of the page, prompting you to continue and finalise the order details and make payment.

It appears that just the iPad section has been given the ordering update but the site does feel noticeably quicker when navigating between product pages and its store. However, Apple has also dropped shipping times, moving to note whether products are in or out of stock.

The company has also been working to improve its website over the past few weeks, incorporating new social sharing options for each of its products it offers to customers – suggesting this is another small update to make it easier for Apple customers to browse the Apple Store.

Apple may have improved the navigation of its ordering pages ahead of its new iPhone, simplifying the buying process should it confirm rumours and launch two new iPhone smartphones in the coming weeks. With Apple said to have been actively pursuing partnerships with a number of operators ahead of the launch of the iPhone 5, the new ordering system will reduce customer confusion and ensure they pick a device that is suited to them and available on the network of their choice.

The redesigned iPad page is live on both Apple’s US and UK portals at the time of writing.

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