iPhone users click on WAY more ads than Android users

iPhone users click on WAY more ads than Android users

According to a report by ad company Jumpstart, iPhone users click on far more ads than Android users, to the tune of 1.6x as much in fact. The industry average click-through rate for ads is 0.52% and Android users hover just below that at 0.47%. iPhone users, on the other hand, are up at 0.78%.

Yes, that number is still well below 1%, but it’s well above the average for mobile platforms. Jumpstart attributes this statistic to the uniformity of the iPhone’s browsing and app experiences which help to generate more interaction in the platform’s users. Android and BlackBerry platforms, it says, “should strive for the same seamless experience.”

This isn’t a new trend either, as iOS users have tended to be more enganged with ads for some time now. Other OS’s like BlackBerry, Symbian and WebOS all trail iOS as well.

Jumpstart also did a state-by-state breakdown of ad interaction by platform and found that Android dominated the southern and western states of the US with iOS taking the north-eastern states of the US. There are even a few holdout BlackBerry states like New York, whose figures may be bolstered by a large number of corporate clients. Or, you know, they may be clicking on them accidentally because it’s so hard to navigate the web on a BlackBerry.

The figures that Jumpstart is reporting for Android and iOS market share seem to mirror other reports in that they place Android at the top of the heap in market share at 38%, but place Apple much closer , at 33% than other reports like a recent one from Canalys that puts iOS at closer to 19%. This could have much to do with the fact that iOS users are much more likely to engage with ads.

The slick web experience presented by iOS, along with smooth transitions from inside apps to the web, seem to have done a lot to make iPhone users more likely to tap on ads. This makes them a more attractive platform for ad networks, as well as a friendlier platform to free, ad-supported apps and games.

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