Samsung “did not certify” Apple Smart Cover copies, pulls them from sale

Samsung “did not certify” Apple Smart Cover copies, pulls them from sale

Samsung has moved quickly to disassociate itself from reports that it was certifying the sale of Anymode’s Smart Case, a tablet cover and stand that bears an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s Smart Cover, by stating it did not approve the certification of the product, subsequently removing it from sale.

The Anymode Smart Case operates much in the same way as Apple’s product, but attaches to the rear of the device instead of connecting via a magnetic strip on the device itself. Whilst Samsung did not manufacture the cover itself, it was created by a supplier that has had a long partnership with the Korean vendor.

Issuing a statement on its Samsung Tomorrow website, the electronics giant posted:

As a general practice, Samsung Electronics reviews and approves all accessories produced by partners before they are given the “Designed for Samsung Mobile” mark.

In this case, approval was not given to Anymode for the accessory to feature this official designation.  We are working with Anymode to address this oversight and the product has already been removed from the Anymode sales website.  The product has not been sold.

With Samsung currently facing lawsuits accusing the company of copying Apple’s iPhone, iPad and packaging, being associated with another Apple-flattering product could not have come at a worse time for the company.

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