Apple adjusts App Store pricing in some markets [Updated]

Apple adjusts App Store pricing in some markets [Updated]

We’re getting reports that the prices of apps in the UK App Store, as well as some other international stores, have gone up today. We’re seeing an increase in the standard £0.59 price up to £0.69 for minimum-priced apps and increases from £1.29 to £1.49. We’ve gotten a couple of preliminary reports on other international stores getting increases as well. Updates below

UK App Store

UK developer Nik Fletcher is among those reporting that prices have increased in the UK store. He writes “Looks like Apple’s bumped up App Store prices ever so slightly in selected international stores (presumably as part of the iTunes Connect maintenance today). Previously, $0.99 apps were £0.59 – now they’re £0.69.”

Uk App Store

These changes are likely a result of the iTunes connect maintenance that Graham Spencer of Macstories reported on earlier today. If you’re one of our many international readers, have the prices of apps changed in your localized App Store?

Update: We’re seeing that the prices of the apps in the Australian app store have actually gone down, not up. Apps like Angry Birds are now $0.99 AUD, down from $1.19 AUD. It looks as if the price adjustments are being made in both directions internationally.

A shot from the Australian App Store

Macrumors has posted a list of the pricing changes discovered so far:

UK: £0.59 -> £0.69
Australia: AU$1.19 -> AU$0.99
Japan: 115 -> 85 Yen
Mexico: $10 -> $12
Switzerland: 1.10Fr -> 1.00Fr
Norway: 6.00Kr -> 7.00Kr

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