Breeze binds window locations to keyboard shortcuts on your Mac

Breeze binds window locations to keyboard shortcuts on your Mac

One of the most annoying things about a Mac is the inability to easily resize and position windows, getting a bit too much when you have a number of them open at any one time.

Adding a little bit of Windows 7 usability to your Mac, Breeze is a neat little window management at that resides in your menubar, waiting for you to create custom snapshots of any window used by your applications. Each of a user’s window states can be mapped to a keyboard shortcut, loading custom saved positions at any time.

If you want to drag-and-drop a number of files between two Finder windows, Breeze will cover you back. Similar to how Windows 7 pins windows to dedicated sides of the screen, the app will save states in a similar way, instantly positioning it when you invoke the shortcut. Safari windows can be personalised, perfect if you like to take notes from webpages.

The app is free to try and will remain free for as long as you use it, but it will occasionally display messages. If that is too much for you to bear, the app only costs $8, we are sure that Autumn Apps would appreciate the support.

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