Add Cut and Paste to your Mac’s Finder with MoveAddict

Add Cut and Paste to your Mac’s Finder with MoveAddict

If you’re a Mac user, you will know that when you want to be able to cut and paste your Mac OS X files using Finder, it’s not as easy or as intuitive as it should be.

With the feature finally being enabled Apple’s next-generation operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), there are a number of options which allow Snow Leopard users to integrate the same functionality. Perhaps the best solution we have come across is MoveAddict, an app that adds toolbar items and a menubar icon to assist with your file management.

As soon as it is installed, users can Command+X for cut and Command+V for paste which in the Finder, however it will not physically stop the file from being displayed like it would if you cut a file on a Windows machine. Instead the file is moved.

MoveAddict costs $8 but has a free option which allows users to cut and paste one file at a time should you not want to put money down.

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