Cydia Gets Its Own Web-based Search Engine

Cydia Gets Its Own Web-based Search Engine

There is no shortage of web-based iOS app search engines, providing a way for iPhone and iPad users to search the huge number of applications on the App Store, but for the longest time the same could not be said of the alternative app and code repository Cydia – until now.

Available for jailbroken iOS devices, Cydia allows users to access and install the latest software packages made available by the jailbreak community or developers that have had apps denied by Apple’s app approval team. To find content on Cydia, users would have to typically load the Cydia app, download and install the latest code updates and then perform a search.

Cydia Search takes the hassle out of searching Cydia, serving as a quick and reliable search engine that can trawl developer repositories to find packages currently available to jailbroken iOS device owners. The service checks all included repositories for new and updated packages once every hour, ensuring each app or piece of code is the very latest release.

The service also allows users to drill-down by category, view the top rated, newest and updated packages whilst encouraging developers to add their own repositories.

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