Sexy Apple accessories designed for women

Sexy Apple accessories designed for women

Female gadget geeks, there’s no need to settle for masculine-looking accessories. We’ve rounded up a few sexy cases, bags and watch bands for the iPod, MacBook and iPad.

iPad Cases

Capulet London has created a line of feminine, gorgeous iPad 2 cases specifically designed for women.  Capulet’s clutch cases are hand-crafted and sport leather designs in various styles and colours including teal, imitation snake skin, purple and tan. These cases are quite elegant and are available for the first generation iPad as well. For the iPad cases, Capulet has attached a price tag of £249.00. There are also stylish cases for the Galaxy Tab, Kindle and laptops.

Accessories for woman

iPod Nano

Hex Slim watch band is a pop-in watch for the iPod Nano, designed to accommodate women or users with smaller wrists. Using this silicon gadget, the iPad Nano transforms into a watch providing users with access to the screen and buttons. It’s priced at $29.95 and comes in black, white, pink and purple.

Accessories for women

MacBook Cases

Looking for something to beautify your MacBook? Abbi has designed a collection of sleek bags for 17”, 15” and 13” laptops. Styles range from professional-looking black leather briefcases to micro-fiber funky animal prints. Abbi’s bags cost approximately between $40 to $100.

Abbi Bags

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