Apple’s new ‘Joint Venture’ program for small businesses launches

Apple’s new ‘Joint Venture’ program for small businesses launches

As we reported earlier this week, rumours have been swirling about a new Apple program called Joint Venture, aimed at small businesses. There was no mention of it at yesterday’s iPad 2 event but today the Cupertino tech giant has revealed official information about the scheme.

Described as “A program designed to help you use Mac, iPhone, and iPad to improve the way your business runs”, Apple will offer set-up assistance, company training and dedicated support – including telephone contact with Apple’s ‘Genius’ specialists for the first time. Even more attractively, subscribers to the plan will be loaned a replacement MacBook Pro or MacBook Air complete with the iWork and Microsoft Office suites if theirs has to be taken in for repair.

Joint Venture is priced at $499 per year when bought with a new Mac and supports up to five systems. Additional systems can be added for $99 each per year.

While best known as a consumer-focused company, Apple has long pitched to businesses with special leasing arrangements, networking events and workshops. Joint Venture should help sweeten the deal a little more, albeit at a price.

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