Apple’s Product Sales Put Into Perspective

Apple’s Product Sales Put Into Perspective

Asymco has helped give further insight into how Apple accumulated $26.74 billion in revenue last quarter, creating a chart that shows the sales of each Apple product whilst grouping by the operating system that powers them.

The iPhone and iPad generated $15 billion of revenue between them last quarter, with the iPod Touch accounting for $2.3 billion. This implies that $17.3 billion was generated by iOS-powered devices alone, accounting for 65% of total revenue in that period.

OS X-powered products generated 20% of sales, whilst OS X software accounted for 3% or $768 million in that quarter. Asymco estimates that apps could acount for a further 2% of revenue.

That leaves just 10% of  sales that weren’t associated with one of Apple’s two popular operating systems, pretty impressive. It shows just how well Apple has locked down how its products operate, not just how they look to consumers, something that has its competitors rushing to copy.

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