Land of the rising profits? Apple brings iTunes movies to Japan

Land of the rising profits? Apple brings iTunes movies to Japan

Apple has just announced that iTunes movies are now available in Japan. The announcement comes after yesterday’s news that the company was bringing iAds to the country through a partnership with The Dentsu Group, with the purpose of expanding Apple’s iAd mobile advertising network, starting in early 2011.

Bringing iTunes movies to the Japanese market gives Apple access to a large consumer-base through which to expand sales of not only movies through iTunes, but also Apple TV, which goes on sale in Japan starting this week.

Recent statistics show Apple with a commanding 70% share of the smartphone market in Japan.  Further, in the company’s most recent earnings report, very strong year over year growth, especially in Japan, Asia and Europe, was cited as an extremely positive sign for Apple.

In part the press release reads:

“November 11, 2010, Tokyo, Apple today announced iTunes ® Store in Japan now that the movie is provided. It also allows customers in Japan and the iPhone ® iPad ™, iPod touch ®, Mac ® and Windows PC, or a new Apple TV also connected to high-definition televisions, they will enjoy a movie in a way never seen before. From today, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Universal Pictures and major インターナショナルフィルムスタジオ, and Asmik Ace Entertainment, Fuji TV, Kadokawa Pictures, Nikkatsu, Shochiku, and Touei Content from the Japanese partner of more than 1,000 movie HD (High Definition) or SD (Sutandadodefinishon) you can rent or purchase.”

Read the full press release here.

What are your thoughts on Apple bringing iTunes movies to Japan?  Do you think it will further their lead in device sales given that added content is now available to consumers?

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