Tip: Finding your Ping profile URL

Tip: Finding your Ping profile URL

You may or may not have heard that Apple held an event today at which they announced a number of things (full recap here).  One of those things was Ping.

What is Ping? According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs Ping is like “Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes.”  Continuing, “But it’s not Facebook, it’s not Twitter, it’s a social network all about music.”

Once you upgrade to iTunes 10, you can sign up for the social network all about music, Ping.  But how will your friends find you, and you them?  Here’s how to find your Ping URL and pass it along to anyone and everyone:

1. Go to your Ping profile.  My “excellent” one is presented below.

2.  Right-Click or Control-Click on your name:

3. Select “Copy Link”:

That’s it.  Now that you’ve copied your link you can share it with all.  Granted, the link is long, but that’s how people can easily locate you without having to conduct a search in Ping itself, being invited by email or through Facebook.

By the way, I can be found on Ping here.

Initial thoughts on Ping?  Likes/dislikes?

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