Apple: 275 million iPods sold, and here are the new ones!

Apple: 275 million iPods sold, and here are the new ones!

“Even though the iPod has a very high market share, we’ve never rested…” says Steve Jobs live from the stage at the new Apple Music event. In proving that, Jobs walks us through the devices and introduces the new models which will be available for pre-order today, for shipment next week.

iPod Shuffle – Smaller than 2nd generation. Includes buttons, voiceover and playlists, as well as Genius mixes. Touts a 15 hour battery life, 5 color choices and a $49 price point.

iPod Nano – “Smaller and better”. Now multitouch, with no click wheel. Very small form factor. Roughly the size of the previous generation Shuffle. Includes a clip for wearing. 42% smaller than previous Nano. Includes FM Radio, Nike+ and 24 hour battery life.

6 color choices, including a ProductRED version. $149 for 8 gigs, $169 for 16 gigs.

iPod Touch – #1 portable game player in the world. Out-sells Nintendo and Sony portable game players combined. 1.5 billion game and entertainment titles have been downloaded to the iPod Touch. But enough with what it has been, how about what it will be?

New version:

  • Thinner, while keeping same form factor.
  • Front looks the same as the iPhone 4.
  • Retina Display
  • Apple A4 powered
  • Gyroscope
  • Front-facing camera
  • Rear-facing camera with HD recording
  • Face Time over WiFi
  • 40 hour battery
  • Video editing

8 gb $229, 32 gb $299, 64 gb $399

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