Apple’s iPhone Press Conference in one handy list

Apple’s iPhone Press Conference in one handy list

Apple’s offering of a rare mea culpa in the Antenna-gate scandal has shocked many in the tech business. Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s apology press conference in one handy list.


  • The iPhone4 has sold amazingly well, shifting 3 million units in less than a month
  • Steve Jobs was quick to point out that it has been judged the #1 smartphone by many tech outlets

  • Apple acknowledged the widely known problem with the iPhone4’s antennae, namely that if you hold the phone in your left hand, it can drop signal
  • Apple went to great pains to demonstrate that this happens on other phones, such as the Droid Eris and Blackberry 9700.

  • Steve Jobs claims it’s a problem the entire industry deals with
  • Apple constructed an advanced test facility with 17 anechoic chambers (sound canceling chambers) to test the iPhone when they started making phones

  • Apple claims that stats show the iPhone4 drops less than one call more (per 100 calls) than the 3GS.
  • Jobs also claimed that the complaint rate among users was 0.55% (that’s still more than 16,000 users)
  • However, despite the complaint rate being relatively high, Apple says only 1.7% of buyers are returning the phone
  • This is an impressive stat given that the iPhone 3GS had a 6% return rate, which was still better than AT&T’s average.
  • The white iPhone4 will be released in July.
  • Apple plan to remedy some issues with the proximity sensor in the next iOS update.
  • Apple deny that “a senior engineer” discovered the problem before release, but was ignored

Remedying the Problem

  • Jobs says that despite the fact that AT&T sees only a small percent of users affected, they want to remedy this
  • We want all of our users to be happy.”
  • Step one of remedying the problem is iOS4.0.1
  • Fixes the misrepresentation of signal in the phone and also fixes the problems with Microsoft Exchange
  • Jobs also acknowledges that the bumper fixes the problems with the phone.
  • As a result, Apple’s giving every buyer a free case
  • They can’t make enough bumpers, Jobs says, so they’ll make them as fast as possible
  • In the meantime, they’ll offer a selection of cases to users.
  • If you bought a bumper, Apple will reimburse you
  • Getting a case is as easy as applying on their website.
  • In addition, if you return your undamaged iPhone4 within 30 days of purchase, Apple will give you a full refund
  • If you return your phone, AT&T will also refund your contract
  • This will continue through September 30th
  • The September 30th date is so Apple can reevaluate the issue and determine whether they can mitigate it
  • Third-party case purchases are not included in the refund scheme
  • This is because Apple isn’t necessarily on the best terms with third-party case manufacturers because they have spilled details on what new products will look like by showing off new cases, or so says Jobs.


  • The iPhone’s external antenna works very well, although it is prone to interference
  • Other phones have this issue too, but their antennae aren’t exposed so it’s not as easy to see
  • Apple wants to fix the problem by giving out free cases and rolling out the new iOS update

Thanks to Engadget for the photos.

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