Gizmodo Has Started A Petition For Apple To Give Out Free iPhone 4 Cases To Fix Signal Problems

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Gizmodo, the thorn in Apple’s eye, is out to raise hell for the technology giant yet again. This time they are bringing the masses with them, and they mean business.

The blog has started a petition to that calls on Apple to provide free cases for people who have purchased an iPhone 4 and are suffering from massive signal problems that stem from bad (if not faulty) case design. Apple wants you to just hold the ph0ne differently or buy a case, which is odd as they way they hold it is a big no-no, and the cases are an extra $30 on top of the phone.

That is just not enough, at least for Giz and the people that support their petition. Like the idea? Hate the idea? Sound off in the comments as to what you think. The petition proper can be found here, and the Facebook group here.

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