Sneak Peak: Is this Apple’s new desktop touch pad?

Sneak Peak: Is this Apple’s new desktop touch pad?

In case you haven’t noticed, Apple loves tactile input.  So it would make sense that these leaked photos and a patent dating back to last year would equate to a new touch input device for desktops.

Rumor from Engadget has it that this sleek piece is Apple’s new bluetooth-enabled touchpad.  The larger, multitouch surface would replace not only your desktop mouse, but could work with your Macbook and Macbook Pro as well.

The common thought is that it’s not only multitouch, but has handwriting recognition as well.  For many users, this could be the holy grail of touch devices.

But is it real?  We’ll find out, likely today, when the WWDC kicks off in a few short hours.

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