iPads To Outsell Macs As 20% Of US Consumers Plan To Buy The Tablet

iPads To Outsell Macs As 20% Of US Consumers Plan To Buy The Tablet

If there was any thought left in your mind that the iPad was perhaps a flash in the pan destined to be owned by the technologically elite alone, dispel it. The iPad is massively mass market, and will only continue to sell by the hundred thousand.

Data now points that the iPad has become (or always was, given its short life thus far) so popular that it is on the right track to outsell the venerable Mac, Apple’s regular computing line. According to an analyst Apple is selling some 200,000 iPads a week, versus a mere 110,000 Macs in the same time frame.

The iPad is of course a new product, and slower sales are to be expected once the full global roll out has been completed and enough time has passed to fill initial demand. That will take weeks, if not months. At 200,000 a week, Apple will have moved at least another million iPads.

The shocking statistic that has the tech world in an uproar is that some 20% (1 in 5) Americans is either “likely” or “somewhat likely” to purchase an iPad. The population of the United States is roughly 300 million, 20% of that number works out to some 60 million. If Apple sold that many iPads at the lowest price point possible, $500, it would bring in some 30 billion USD in revenue.

The percentage of Americans who want the device will give the product legs before the holiday season ramps up, bringing its own sales boost along with it. In short the iPad is a blockbuster product for Apple, they are selling by the truckload, and everyone wants one.

Since we are discussing Apple it hardly feels like it should be any other way.

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