The iWatch. I’d buy this in seconds. So would you.

The iWatch. I’d buy this in seconds. So would you.

ADR Studio, an Italian design house, posted this concept of what an Apple iWatch might look like.

Call me what you will but I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat.

In fact I was just looking at watch phones the other day.The deal breaker? Having to have a bluetooth earpiece. I know you need one otherwise you’re literally putting your wrist to your ear, but a bluetooth earpiece is yet another gadget to carry around when the idea of a watch phone is that you don’t have to carry around both a watch and a phone. Plus bluetooth headphones are notoriously unreliable, at least for me.

I’d assume with the iWatch you could just use standard headphones with a mic plugged into the watch. That, I’d use because I trust wired headphones will work, even if I have to have a wire danging constantly between my wrist and ear.

via Cult of Mac

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