Apple to Demo 10″ Tablet in January…running iPhone Apps. [Rumor]

Apple to Demo 10″ Tablet in January…running iPhone Apps. [Rumor]

Picture 11Rumors galore today and all of them seem to be focused on the notion that Apple will be hosting an event in January, demoing a 7″ or 10″ tablet running iPhone apps. The event is confirmed, whether we’ll see the Tablet, is a different story.

In typical Apple fashion, the story is Apple will be demoing the device in January as a teaser, getting developers psyched about developing more apps for it and then releasing it in March. If the iTablet can in fact run iPhone applications, it’ll be an interesting spin on, whether as a positive or negative we’ll have to see.

According to TUAW, a few developers have reportedly been asked to ready their apps for a “full screen” resolution, which would seem to suggest that even if the new device is larger than an iPhone, it’ll still run apps off the App Store.

Of course, take all of this with a pinch of salt. As ever, we know nothing, and this is all rumor and speculation often regurgitated and dramatised across the blogosphere. The reality is we won’t know anything for definite until the words are uttered from Jobs or any other Apple employee’s lips. Nevertheless, this is all part of the fun isn’t it?

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