HD Open World Skateboarding on the iPhone

HD Open World Skateboarding on the iPhone

One of GameLoft’s newest games, Skater Nation is an open world 3D skateboarding game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The visuals are very high quality and blow away Grind 2.5, a competing skateboarding game in the app store.   A very cool feature of this game is creating video clips and sending them to YouTube which can be done within the replay option.

You’re given keys to the city from the get go. They’ve created an overview map for easy transport to 10 different areas which are accessed from a navigation icon on the game screen.
The environment has all the necessary elements of a good skate park. Tons of ramps, pipes and cars to jump.

Skater Nation begins like your typical Skate game. Choose through 8 cartoon-like
cliches of Skaters, then choose boards and wheels which are limited to only
unlocked items. As you move throughout the game you can customize and get better gear.
Both free ride and career modes are available.
skater nation

Challenges are scattered throughout (once again with the common format) of characters issuing challenges. The characters are highlighted in colours signifying the difficulty level of that particular challenge.

The iPod can’t be accessed through the game which was slightly disappointing but if you like the generic skater-rock soundtrack included they’ve made scrolling through it easy.

The replay value is high which is why I really enjoyed the game, however if you’re familiar with the typical control scheme of skate games on other consoles as I am, you may find the controls to be very, very WRONG. No use of the accelerometer has been made, leaving you with a D pad button that makes sharp turns and difficult jumps somewhat excruciating.

Overall the quality of the graphics, the ability to edit and send video to YouTube and the fact that the game is ripe with challenges makes it worthy of it’s $6.99 price point at the app store.

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Compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. OS 2.2.1 or higher
Gameloft site

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