The Next iPhone Spotted in the Wild?

The Next iPhone Spotted in the Wild?

20-iphone_ytiPhone developer Pandav has reportedly spotted usage records for an iPhone model that has yet to be released.

The most recent iPhone 3GS model is referenced as “iPhone 2,1” on application logs, however  iBART, (Pandav’s iPhone app) has picked up a reference for “iPhone3,1” – an iPhone not yet available.

According to MacRumors, Apple began testing the iPhone 3GS (iPhone2,1) back in October of 2008 about 8 months ahead of its launch. At the time, the usage was similarly focused in the San Francisco Bay Area where Apple is located. This tells us that it’s quite possible we may see the arrival of the next iPhone mid next year.

There is little known about the next generation iPhone, but whispers of a multicore processor, RFID support, iPhone mini, enhanced camera and compatibility with Verizon roam.

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