Eric Moneypenny would like you to aid his Kickstarter – to buy Kickstarter

Eric Moneypenny would like you to aid his Kickstarter – to buy Kickstarter

The internet loves a self-referential joke and the Kickstarter project to buy Kickstarter ticks that box with A-stars and merit.

As my colleague Matthew Panzarino commented in TNW newsroom, “Inevitable inception”. Quite so, but why didn’t we think of this sooner?

It seems to be the work of Los Angeles based comedian Eric Moneypenny and though days have passed but Moneypenny still has no backers.

There’s plenty of information though, put your mind at ease if you are thinking of helping him out. For only $10 Moneypenny will generously give you a free Kickstarter account, for a mere $100 he’ll even personally sign your own Kickstarter. Bargain right?

He’s done his homework too, on the project page Moneypenny states, “ estimates Kickstarter’s worth at 18.6 million dollars. Therefore, I estimate that I will need at least 19,000,000 to make this happen.” Everyone likes a nice round number.

If you have particularly deep pockets though, you might like to aim for the real reward. If you give Moneypenny $10,000 dollars or more, “Pizza Party! With me, Eric Moneypenny, the new owner and CEO of Kickstarter.” That could be all yours.

If you’re not already convinced, the Moneypenny’s final plea might have you considering your spare change, “I live in Los Angeles. I live with a simple dream. A dream to own Kickstarter. I would like to raise the funds necessary to make my dream a reality.”

Who are we to deny a man his right to dream, and to wise-crack on the web? Well played Sir.

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