Xbox’s new TV service in images

Xbox’s new TV service in images

Now that you likely know all the details of Microsoft’s coming television integration with the Xbox 360, you probably want to know what it is going to look like, right? We have just the juice for you.

If you know all the finer points, scroll on down for the images. If you would like a short recap, allow us to fill you in. As we reported previously, Microsoft is calling today’s new partnerships and applications the “next generation of TV entertainment on Xbox LIVE.” The gist of the release is that around the world, if you are and Xbox LIVE Gold subscriber, there will soon be a plethora of live TV options available to you.

From Verizon to the BBC, and back again, Microsoft has managed to create enough content partnerships that the Xbox is set to become one of the most important cable boxes in the world. This meshes perfectly with the company’s goal to evolve the Xbox past being a simple gaming machine.

Now, this is what it is going to look like, enjoy:

For more on the topic, check our Microsoft channel for all the details.

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