HTC Evo 4G View: Hands-On With Sprint’s New Tablet [Video]

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I’m admittedly not a huge fan of Android tablets. However, CTIA has held a couple of great pieces that have gotten me really excited for what the next couple of months should hold.

I told you yesterday about Samsung’s new 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab. It’s slick, but it’s still just a Galaxy Tab. As of yet, it’s WiFi only, and that’s a tough thing to stomach in such a mobile device. Building upon the success of the Evo 4G, Sprint and HTC are getting ready to introduce a 4G-equipped Evo tablet, called the View.

The View is running Android 2.3 for right now. When it ships, sometime in June, it’s going to have Honeycomb, with an HTC Sense overlay, which should make it absolutely spectacular. Even today, running Gingerbread, it’s still an amazing piece of tablet work, from HTC.

What really sets it apart? A stylus. No, it’s not a navigational tool, it’s rather an accessory (yes, you’ll need to purchase it separately) that will enable some pretty slick, extra functionality. Want to scribble a note on a webpage? Touch the stylus to the screen and you’ll get an immediate screenshot that you can mark up and send off. You can do the same with your home screen, too.

Taking things a step further, there’s an application included that can take notes, and Evernote support is included. So you can literally write out notes, diagrams and the rest and have them sent to your Evernote account. The pen will eventually have an open API, too, so developers will be able to do considerably more with it.

The View is running the fastest single-core mobile chip on the market, a 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon. It has 32 gigs of internal memory, plus a MicroSD slot to double the capacity up to 64 GB if you so choose. Snappy? You bet. 1 gig of RAM helps that to happen.

There’s no pricing just yet. Given that it’s a 32-gig tablet and 4G, you can bet that we’ll be looking in the $5-600 range. For now, it’s on my “do want” list, and should be on yours too.

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