The Next Web Podcast: Episode 23 – Get up. Go to the gym!

The Next Web Podcast: Episode 23 – Get up. Go to the gym!

Sometimes things go exactly as planned. This…is not one of those times.

Two of your podcast memebers are on extremely bad Internet connections and the rest of the crew just can’t stop laughing. Fortunately, we pulled it together long enough to talk about some tech.

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On this week’s show: Brad McCarty (Nashville), Matt Brian (Essex), Alex Wilhelm (Palo Alto), Chad Catacchio (Los Angeles) Michael Backes (Hamburg) Martin Bryant (Manchester)

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In this week’s episode:

Boomerang for Gmail: Send email later or receive it when you want

How Twitter took a teenager from Zero to Villain to Hero in five hours

Twitter rolls out new “social context” features

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Places

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