Happy Father’s Day From T-Mobile: Free Phones This Saturday

Happy Father’s Day From T-Mobile: Free Phones This Saturday

T-Mobile will offer all of its phones for free this Saturday in stores across the country for new family plans and/or new lines added to existing family plans.

While supplies last, any phone that T-Mobile currently offers will be free, including the HTC myTouch 3G that runs about $180, the Garminfone and a host of phones that well, few people really want, but hey, free is free!

Frankly, T-Mobile must be getting very desperate as it continues to lose ground to not only the market leaders Verizon and AT&T – which have better coverage and most of the “cool” phones – but also the carrier if failing to compete with its closest (in terms of market share) competitor, Sprint, which has been doing better with its massive ad campaign, rolling out its 4G network, getting strong customer service reviews and getting the first 4G phone onto the market in the HTC Evo. T-Mobile really needs a jump start, and heck, free is free so we’d imagine at least a few people are going to consider this deal on Saturday.

T-Mobile press release

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