Google’s Partners with Chevy and OnStar to put Android behind the wheel

Google’s Partners with Chevy and OnStar to put Android behind the wheel

Google’s inked a deal with Chevy and OnStar that will put Android behind the wheel.

Last week, we told you about a possible GM-Google joint-venture on an in-car Android system. Today, we can confirm that the partnership between the two giants will be somewhat different than we’d imagined.

Rather than an in-car system based on Android, to combat Microsoft-Ford’s Sync, Google envisions GM’s OnStar system integrating seamlessly with Android devices. This will allow Android devices to control certain systems of the car from a custom app platform.

Hardly groundbreaking, it seems, but certainly more interesting than Sync.

The app will enable Volt owners to start the car remotely to warm or cool the cabin down, it will send text messages to its owners reminding them to charge the car and it will allow owners to schedule charge times for when electricity is cheapest.

“These… new features add to the suite of mobile application features for Volt that gives Volt owners a personal connection to their car,” said Tony DiSalle, marketing director for the Volt.

While this isn’t quite the Pandora-playing, Google Voice-using, Sync-killing technology we’d hoped for, it’s certainly a start. From these beginnings, Google might roll out slightly more sophisticated features in future GM vehicles. Perhaps we’ll even see the Android-based In-Car Entertainment System we’re hoping for in Cadillacs or other higher-end GM models.

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