Are You Buzzing? Get Your Google Profile Verified

Are You Buzzing? Get Your Google Profile Verified

My Verified Profile

Seeing that shiny “Verified” badge on someone else’s Twitter profile can cause envy in some users — there are many cases of impostors on the service and, yeah, I know it’d make me feel special too. It’s OK though, if you’re a Google Buzz user in the U.S., you may be able to verify your name.

It’s actually not a new feature but something that was simply forgotten over the past year or so — thanks to EndofWeb for remembering. The process is completed through Knol, one of Google’s side projects. It’s easy, free, and important to be able to give people the peace of mind that it’s really you.

DISCLAIMER: Before you read any further, keep in mind that this only works in the United States right now. One of the two methods of verification is unique to the country. Let’s hope they expand it in the future.

1. Go to Knol.

Look to the top right corner of the page, and sign in with your main Google information. Once signed in, look back up to that same spot and click on the preferences link. You’ll be directed to a dashboard of all sorts of options, but the tab you want is Name Verification — click on it.

Now, you’ll see two options once you click on the tab, that will look like this:


2. Choose an option to verify.

So, it’s really up to you which way you’d like to verify — either with your credit card info, or your Social Security Number. Both work just as well. How does Google get this information? We’re not sure, but it’s safe either way.

I used my SSN (it also asked me for my current address) and I received verification within five minutes.

If it doesn’t work as fast, don’t worry, it may take some time — just keep an eye on your inbox.

Now, check out the new addition to your profile page and do a happy dance, because you’re awesome.

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