Free Voice Calls to Haiti, Courtesy of Google

Free Voice Calls to Haiti, Courtesy of Google

Google Voice

We’ve seen our share of Google news here at TNW this past week, and despite what’s been going on they still make room to do more good. We got wind that Google is providing free voice calls to Haiti for the next two weeks, via Google Voice.

After the devastating earthquakes on January 12th, the social media sphere was set into overdrive for the people of Haiti. Google has since set up a one-stop page for crisis response, including everything from SMS donation information to map imagery of the disaster area, as well as ways to report new information on the situation.

Quoted directly from the source:

To help US families reach relatives in Haiti, for the next two weeks, Google Voice is offering free calls to Haiti. If you don’t have a Google Voice account, you can request an invitation at

Thanks to Mona and RIMarkable for the tip.

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