See The Chinese Firewall In Action – Put On Chinese-Internet Tinted Glasses

See The Chinese Firewall In Action – Put On Chinese-Internet Tinted Glasses

2008_08_02_China__s_firewallWith all the furor over the recent Google moves in China, many people have been asking just how powerful and extensive the Chinese firewall is. Well, we can show you.

China has been clamping down on the news about Google in the area, to contain the story, and spin it the way they want to.

That said, they are blocking searches for Google’s main corporate blog. A fast move to censor the news on censorship. Yes, the irony ship just came to port.

What’s that, I must be kidding? Of course not. Just head over to,,, or, and run a search for “” Not getting anything are you. There are also reports that search engines are able to block you from searching for some time, after you run a single offensive search.

This is actually a quite effective way to block the story from spreading. Block the source, and you block the child stories.

Pathetic. An outrage. Google has now just lifted their search censorship, and so now a similar search on gives you all the correct information. Take a look here.

If you are a touch to busy to try it for yourself, this is what Yahoo will serve you if you run the search:

wtf this has to stop

So there you have it. Search in China, with offensive information filtered out. I bet that you are glad that you live in a nation that does not stoop to such skulduggery, aren’t you?

A h/t tip to Reddit, for digging deep.

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