Get Pandora In Your Car For $6.49 (Plus Tax) – Not $1200

Get Pandora In Your Car For $6.49 (Plus Tax) – Not $1200

As you have just noticed, Pioneer and Pandora are working to bring Pandora to your car with a device that costs a shocking $1200.

This being a recession and all, we decided to save you the blood, sweat, and bankruptcy that would stem from that option, and present you with a much more budget-conscious solution.

Do you have a relatively new car? It should have an auxiliary input in the stereo. If not, your costs just went up $40. Buy this cheap stereo deck, it has one. Now, buy a 1/8th inch stereo cable. This one costs a steep $6.49.

Now, pull out your smartphone, turn on Pandora, plug the phone into the cable, and the cable into your car stereo. There you go, Pandora in your car. How hard was that?

You just saved $1193.51, assuming you have a newer stereo. Take that Pioneer. Just to make it simpler, follow the simple steps below:

3-Ft. 1/8

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