Remember Freehand? It’s still around, and now it’s got a movement.

Remember Freehand? It’s still around, and now it’s got a movement.

FreehandOnce upon a time me and my friends argued over who used what software. This was way before the browser wars or the whole Windows VS Mac discussions. The question at the time was whether you were using Freehand or Illustrator.

Back then (1990-2005) you used the intuitive, easy-to-learn Aldus Freehand OR Adobe’s more technical Illustrator. I was originally a Freehand user which meant I had to make the switch to Illustrator later in life. That transition was about as awkward for me as getting into a car in the UK. You sorta recognize everything but it works exactly the other way around as from what you would expect.

Seems I might have jumped ship a little early. I just found out that there are thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of people who hung in there and still use Freehand.

And now there is a whole movement who wants to persuade Adobe, who got Freehand when they bought Macromedia, to either start supporting it seriously or open source the code so it can be developed by volunteers. Both options seem unlike to every play out, but I felt some sympathy for the movement nonetheless.

If you have fond memories of using Freehand and would like to see it opensourced or updated do sign up at now. They have  4000 members now and they are growing fast.

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