Facebook Phases in a New Format Change

Facebook Phases in a New Format Change

Just a bit of quick news.  Today the Facebook design change has gone live for some users.

Not me.  I guess I’m simply not worthy quite yet.  However, here is a screen shot from Erictric.com:

From what I can see, the changes are pretty slight.  The Facebook format that’s being phased out already has three columns.  It’s just that the far left one probably wasn’t used very much.  Now it has the user’s name and a field where you can update your status.  That means the far left column is going to be used a lot now!

Here is a description of more changes:

For one, you’ll find that the search bar has been relocated from the right to the center of the interface. And according to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, “Notably Facebook has removed the double link to your profile. Settings and login/logout have been combined into a single ‘account’ drop down.”

Eric at Erictric.com believes people will grumble about these changes. Maybe a handful will, but I’m not too sure it will be a huge number as, again, the changes are so slight. This time the changes seem to help the user get around Facebook a little better.

If the changes are showing up for you, what do you think and how are they working for you?

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