Seesmic On A Roll – Eyes An Expansive Future

Seesmic On A Roll – Eyes An Expansive Future

Build and they will come is true, as it turns out. Seesmic, creator of the eponymous social software is looking towards expanding to accept one million status updates daily in 2010.

No small goal, there are some 40 million daily status updates from Twitter and Facebook daily, according to Seesmic boss Loic Le Meur, meaning that Seesmic plans on growing to publishing some 2.5% of all updates. Again, no small goal.

Seesmic this year tried the “go to all audiences” approach, by building a version of Seesmic for nearly every system that you can name. It appears to be working. Seesmic across its numerous platforms has seen some 3.5 million downloads in 2009. Of course, that does not include the many users of its web interface.

TweetDeck is still the reigning Twitter and Facebook application by market share, but Seesmic is hardly letting them keep their crown without working for it.

Facebook integration for both Seesmic and Tweetdeck has always felt simplistic to me, translating less fully to a column based application than Twitter. By far the two best Facebook experiences are Facebook Lite, and the latest iPhone application for Facebook.

Of course, we all want to know how Seesmic plans on making money from their popular applications, but that can wait. Seesmic has raised 12 million dollars to date, and is based in San Francisco, California. You can follow the company on Twitter.

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