Nokia, I think I just changed my mind!

Nokia, I think I just changed my mind!

n900So I did complain about Nokia not offering any proper data packages in partnership with the operators and how that sucks. Then I went out and got a Nokia N900.. and I’m loving it!

I must admit that the Maemo (operating system on the N900) approach to IM, social networking and VOIP is the most interesting and efficient I have yet to see. It consolidates all of your contacts in one place, making it seamlessly easy for you to choose a contact, then select the method of communication!

There’s no need to launch a Twitter app to tweet, then switch to Gtalk to respond to an IM or even open the mail app to read your emails. All the contacts are in one place. All the messages are under Conversations including your emails, SMS messages, twitter @replies.. even hashtag searches! It’s like what BlackBerry has been trying to do.. only integrated into the core of the OS.

The crisp screen, enhanced touch interface and the full support for multi-tasking is leaving me with no choice but to commit the ultimate sin.. bid by iPhone farewell!

If they can do some sort of package with the operators for unlimited data roaming, I’ll trash my BlackBerry next!

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