We Have Ribbit Invites – Call It A Late Christmas

We Have Ribbit Invites – Call It A Late Christmas

ribbit logoWe covered Ribbit a while back, and were inundated by people asking for an invite. Good news, we have more.

If you drop an email to [email protected] or leave your email in the comments, we will get you a hot invite faster than you can say thank you. Invites are first come, first served. We have a bundle, but get requesting.

If you have forgotten, Ribbit is simply an amazing service. From our initial review:

If you do not use Google Voice (read: have an iPhone), Ribbit is an application that you will come to love quickly. It will make you fall in love with voicemail.

I have long hated voicemail: people assume that you get them in realtime, demanding instant turn around. I would forget to check my messages, and they would build until 45 unlistened blips were scaring me. There is a better way, and that is Ribbit.

Ribbit takes over your voicemail, changing the recorded backing to a wonderfully British women that explains that you can leave a message. Once the message has been left, Ribbit uploads it to itself, transcribes it, stores it in its web interface, and the sends you a text and email with the transcription. Presto.

I live in my email inbox, and to get my translated messages there was like warm breeze around hair. I loved it. The best part of all, now your voicemail are searchable. Once they reach Gmail, the transcriptions are part of your inbox, meaning that you can find them. No more losing a message when you erase it, it is forever yours.

Transcription is quite strong. Ribbit generally did a very accurate job of transcribing even my more difficult messages. The system does seem to have problems, obviously, when there is more than one person speaking in the background. There are two transcription options, fully automated and partially human aided. I chose the fully automated option, to speed along transcriptions. Generally, I got an email with the full transcription in around three minutes.

I will never listen to a voicemail on my iPhone again. Never.

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