The Next Web Podcast: Episode 4 – Web flu?

The Next Web Podcast: Episode 4 – Web flu?

TNW-PodcastTi’s the season for less news and more dying cloud services. The web seems to be coming down with a nasty cold. Skype was also acting up.. Ralf, Mike and I blame Alex who’s the only PC. He doesn’t think so. Listen in and let us know what you think.

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On today’s show: Fawzi Rahal (Dubai), Alex Wilhelm (Chicago), Mike Bracco (San Francisco) and Ralf Rottmann (Dortmund).

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In today’s episode:

When Will Twitter Get It Together?
Rackspace Seems To Be Back Up – Internet Returns To Normal
Word and Office Banned From Sale In Weeks As Microsoft Loses Patent Lawsuit [update]
Apple to Demo 10″ Tablet in January…running iPhone Apps. [Rumor]

In the local news
Blogger Arrested in Morocco


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