Backupify goes free: time to save your social media life?

Backupify goes free: time to save your social media life?

backupifyCould this be the perfect time to back up all your online data for absolutely no cost?

Backupify, the service for backing up your online data from services like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, is offering one of the best offers we’ve seen in a while.

Until now Backupify, which we previously reviewed here, has charged a monthly fee of $14.95 USD. However, if you sign up before 31 January 2010 you will have a free account for life. Yes, this isn’t some “Get you hooked and then charge” deal, it’s an absolutely free account.

On the Backupify blog, the company explains the sudden switch in tactics:

“You are probably wondering how we make money giving away accounts for free. The answer is that we have a lot more data now on the different types of customers that use our service, and we are building features for the small business and advanced consumer users. Those users will pay for premium accounts.

Until then, our goal is to give this away for free for a while to get as many people as possible using our service. This helps push the limits of our technology, test the outlier cases, and gives us more user feedback to incorporate on our product development roadmap.”

Whether you want to take Backupify up on its offer depends on how much it trust the company to look after your data. That said, if your data is already in the cloud it’s better to have any backup than none at all and who’s to say Backupify is any more or less trustworthy or reliable than Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Zoho or any of the other companies whose services it supports? At least you know that because they usually charge a fee, there’s some kind of commitment to provide a service there.

If you want to take the leap make sure you do it before 31 January 2010 or you’ll be paying the monthly subscription fee.

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