Firefox 3.5 is Now the World’s Most Popular Browser

Firefox 3.5 is Now the World’s Most Popular Browser

Site tracking and analytics tool StatCounter Global Statistics now shows that Firefox 3.5 is the most used browser in the world.

Note this is the version of the browser rather than the browser brand but nevertheless an incredible achievement. The browser surpasses IE7 as the most popular browser, with IE8 close behind thanks to the success of Windows 7.

In the US, IE8 still leads with 26% market share closely followed by IE7 and Firefox 3.5 equally tied. In Europe Firefox has led since late summer, with an impressive 28%. In Asia, IE8 and IE7 both have considerable but declining leads, with Firefox 3.5 growing the fastest of all browsers.

In March, Firefox became the most popular browser in Germany, the first time is has beaten all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer in a major country.

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