The Twitter #Snore Campaign – A Mission

The Twitter #Snore Campaign – A Mission

gal_Glasgow_big_snore-772028Ladies and Bruces, I have a humble quest to embark on, and I need your support. We are going to make Twitter more interesting.

In  recent days, I have heard numerous (often profane) of that person, or this day, or that topic on Twitter being dull. That said, we can do something about it.

Enter the newly formed #snore campaign, an effort to help end general dullness, and make Twitter even better. It works like this: every time you see something that makes you bored, you send that user, or topic a #snore, to show your displeasure.

It looks like this:

boring 1

boring 2

Of course, a big thank you to my girlfriend for letting me use her account for this. That in its most basic form is the #snore campaign.

It goes both ways of course. I tweet quite a bit, around fifty times a day or so, and I can promise you that many people find my tweets dull. But which ones? You see the point.

So, go out and send people (myself included!) some #snores and make Twitter a better place.

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