Live from Le Web: Hot, Online, Full and iPhonized

Live from Le Web: Hot, Online, Full and iPhonized

Patrick and Boris are visitig Le Web this week in France. Here are some first impressions for those of you who are not here:

The room is HOT!
Last year there was no heating. To compensate this year it is in ‘Sauna’ mode.
It’s a full house
It looks like it is even busier than ever. Long lines for registration and a lot of people standing. I haven’t counted chairs yet but I’d guess there is one chair for every 2 people.
The Internet works!
It works and it is SUPER fast too. I’m sitting at a blogger table near the front with a power socket and an ethernet cable.
Everybody has an iPhone
As you can see in the photo here at least 30% of the audience owns an iPhone. Robert Scoble asked people to hold them up and made this photo:

We won’t be live blogging everything (there are 200 bloggers here from 30 countries doing that) but we will report on the big and interesting announcements.

We would also love to meet you here. Come up to us if you see us and introduce yourself. Patrick and me (Boris) are in our suits (not white) so we should be easy to spot. If you don’t know what we look like you can also wait for the party: we will be the guys in suits doing weird moves on the dance floor.

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