Windows 7 + Family Guy = Horror. Here’s the proof (Updated)

Windows 7 + Family Guy = Horror. Here’s the proof (Updated)

Family Guy and Windows 7

UPDATE: It appears there may never have been a Windows 7-sponsored Family Guy episode after all, as Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins points out on Silicon Angle. As a commenter on this post, Rob, points out these are actually short ads for Windows 7. Still, these Microsoft ads really do sully the Family Guy brand.

Finally we get to see the horror that would have been the Microsoft-sponsored episode of Family Guy.

A couple of months ago Microsoft planned to sponsor an episode of Family Guy to promote the launch of Windows 7. Any idiot could have told you this was the worst fit of brand and TV show in history. Anarchic liberal japery doesn’t really fit well with a mega-corporation flogging the latest version of its OS.

Luckily Microsoft pulled out – the episode could have killed Microsoft’s family-friendly image and Family Guy‘s edge forever. We would have forgotten about it by now too if it wasn’t for… Microsoft.

For some reason they’ve decide to release clips from the video which show it to be definitely the worst episode of Family Guy ever. Here they are…

[via Neowin]

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